water aware


july 2020

 31 DAYS 

The month of July is an incredibly tough month for us.  


It's the month that we tragically lost Jack.


So that is why we have chosen this month to really focus on sharing the message of water-safety and raising awareness of the dangers of our waterways; both inland and by the coast. 

We strongly believe that social media is a fantastic way to share information so during July, we will be using social media to our advantage and we want YOU to do the same. Are you in?

EVERY day, we will create a new post on our social media; providing safety tips in and around water, harrowing statistics, emergency advice and MUCH MORE.


We want YOU to be JPF Ambassadors by simply sharing each one of our posts EVERY DAY. As a JPF Ambassador, you are helping us reach a wider audience with water-safety awareness messages, and could potentially save lives.

'Be Water Aware' month costs NOTHING. Just a few seconds of your time to share 31 VERY IMPORTANT and potentially LIFE-SAVING messages.