The Jack Pullen Foundation was born in memory of Jack Taylor Pullen who tragically drowned in a river accident in 2016 in Manchester, UK.  He was just 16 years old. 

Since losing Jack, his family have been working very closely with the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS UK) , the UK's leading provider of drowning prevention education. The charity have been supporting us and guiding us whilst we build our own foundation on which to grow. We are eternally grateful for their expertise and kind-hearted guidance, which will allow us to achieve and develop our own charity. 

Whilst both charities share very similar aims, one of the core purposes of The Jack Pullen Foundation is to install and provide life- saving equipment, otherwise known as PRE (Personal Rescue Equipment) . 

The UK has an extensive amount of public waterways, exceeding 2,200 miles! Now, the shocking facts are that of these 2,200 miles of waterways, there is only a handful of life-saving equipment nearby. 

We STRONGLY believe that if all waterways were equipped with such crucial life-saving equipment, we'd be able to lower, if not stamp out the number of accidental deaths caused by drowning. This currently stands at around 700 people every single year in the UK. 

Our sole purpose is to prevent drowning. We want to preserve life through education, safety awareness and protective measures. 

To find out more about our long-term aims, please take a look at our 

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