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Heart & Hands
Heart & Hands

The risk of losing one’s life to drowning touches us all, including your employees and your customers.


One of our main focuses is to use the power of social media to spread our message. Networking and supporting each others cause will allow us both to benefit from reaching wider audiences. 


From raising money to raising awareness, YOU and YOUR COMPANY are vital to helping us reduce the number of lives lost to drowning. We have a huge challenge facing us to help save lives and reduce the number of UK citizens from drowning. But we believe that we can do this; TOGETHER. 

By simply using your company's social media presence and promoting our water-safety awareness messages, you WILL help us reach wider audiences which could potentially save lives. Also, using your platform will inform so many of your own colleagues and customers about the dangers of the water.

We also hold fundraising events named "4Jack" Fundraisers.

By sharing the information about our fundraisers and joining in, you are raising money that will fund PRE (Public Rescue Equipment) across Tameside, Manchester and eventually all UK waterways.

In return, we will promote your company's involvement on Our Partners page and support you too. 


Are you ready to become a corporate supporter?

Please click here to go to our Downloads page where you will find all of our Social media graphics. 

If you have any more questions, please contact us on: jackpullenfoundation@gmail.com